The most important question for Doctors should be What Is My Exit Strategy?

Retirement Strategies are the plans you need to set forth early in your career. BCS Leadership is unique; we work with both, individuals entering into business ownership and individuals have been in business for years. BCS Leadership begins the relationship by taking the business owner to thinking about the end. What will retirement look like; when, how much will I need, how will I get that. By starting with the end in mind, this results in a strategy that sets the business owners up for a successful stress free retirement.

BCS Leadership team

The BCS Leadership team members are national experts who have the experience to ensure that you, the business owner will have Outstandingly Predictable results!

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BCS Leadership will evaluate your practice and provide a written summary of what options will be in the best interest of your long term success and financial stablity.

BCS recognizes that in a transition it is not the contracts that frustrate the parties it is instead the “soft steps” such as integration of a new owner’s philosophy into existing systems, poor communication, spending habits, budgeting or a new leadership style. No matter which transition is right for you, having coaching and guidance makes the difference between a successful transition or a failed one. We coach both doctors and team on how to successfully make the transition during this critical time. Most companies only facilitate the purchase or sale. We are a committed team who will be there for you as long as you need us.


BEFORE YOU BUY …CALL BCS! The most common mistake we see is doctors buying a practice without first advacating themselves about what to look for and as a resultending up unhappy or financially drained. We assist doctors by going into the prospective office and evaluating it from a buyer’s point of view. BCS will provide a detailed report of the practice opportunities and whether or not it is a match for me purchasing a doctor’s vision. We have worked with many buyers and have had outstanding success finding doctors the practice that is right for them.

At BCS we recognize that you have choices about which company you choose for your transition needs. KEEP IN MIND…. having the right representation can save you money and lower your stress.

…..bottom line, we get results.