Raving Reviews

Dr. Kent Spurling, An Elegant Smile Dentistry
It is great to see how the team has transformed and the new-found energy that is moving us toward new goals.  We thank you for that.  I hope this testimony will help motivate others the way we have been motivated:

I think gun shy is an excellent way to describe how everyone felt when we found out that “consultants” were coming into the office.
Before they arrived we were being told to produce more and given monthly production goals to attain; but when we weren’t reaching those goals, it became frustrating.  It became easier to blame the economy or our patient insurance plans for our poor numbers, because we were clueless on solutions.  A few ideas were thrown around, but there was nothing concrete, no direction.  Having consistently bad reports from corporate and seeing both of our hygienists terminated in a matter of months, the news of consultants coming in really was perceived as a threat to our office family.  We were quite comfortable the way we were, and we knew that things were going to change.  Really, we thought they were there to clean house.

The threat became more tangible when Sarah very directly went through all of our numbers with a fine-toothed comb and interviewed each team member separately.  We were nervous to hear the results and even more to find how corporate would respond.  Sarah’s direct approach that made us so nervous would soon make us look at ourselves very honestly, not only as an office, but as individuals.  She addressed not only our bad habits, but our fears about her very presence in our office.  Sarah communicated directly to our fears, showing us that she was not an external threat that was being forced upon us to shape up or ship out, but she was the missing piece that our family needed to function as effectively as possible as a team.

In our bi-weekly meetings we learned what a team is and how to overcome obstacles together.  We learned tools to take charge of and use the template of our daily schedules wisely, maximizing both production and quality of care and minimizing the frustrations of running behind, missing lunch or staying late.  She taught us the wealth of information to be found in the routing slips, useful to ensure continuity of care and communication between back and front office.  We learned how to run a morning huddle, reviewing the previous day’s successes and mistakes and ways we can turn every opportunity in the current day’s schedule into completed care and higher production.  She also had us step away from the schedule and the numbers and look at ourselves and the other team members as individuals.  We learned what qualities defined each person and how those qualities could be understood to communicate effectively within the team.  It was very eye-opening and rewarding for all to get to understand each other on a much more personal level.

The results have been nothing short of astounding.  It has become almost a daily occurrence for us to begin a morning huddle scheduled for a certain amount and end the day doubling or tripling that amount in our actual production to exceed the day’s goal.  But even better than that we are just now beginning to start the day already scheduled beyond our production goal.  Morale is really elevated as we realize our individual roles and make those come together to form an efficient team. We know how to appreciate one another and enjoy the fruit of working together as our quality of care and our bottom line continue to rise dramatically.

Now that we have seen what is possible with a few months of having BCS lead our team, we are excited about setting and meeting new goals.  We are confident that with the tools, direction and motivation they has given us, we will continue to grow and refine, reaching any goal put before us.  We have gained so much more from BCS than we ever feared losing when they first arrived.  I would encourage anyone to welcome them as members of your own team and really enjoy the experience.

Dr. Spurling

Dr. James MIller

I have been working with Sarah and BCS Leadership for a little over a year now and my practice has turned around 180 degrees.  The team is unified and on track for a common goal – the success of the business .

Tami, R.D.H.

Phoenix, Arizona

I had just quit an office that had a consultant in for about a year.  It was a grueling, demoralizing experience!  Sarah came to my other office and it was like night and day.  BCS’s approach is a win/win situation.  It takes you back to your hygiene roots and provides a better patient service without stressing hygiene to the limit.  Patients are diagnosed properly; hygiene gets to fulfill its goal and the office profits mentally and financially.

Hygiene profitability has increase by 40% in less than 6 months.  The front office better understands booking time and is able to schedule appropriately.  Best of all-Dr. realizes that hygiene is not “just a lost leader” and has been supportive of the hygiene departments ability to perform and grow.

If you ever think of having a consultant in the office-BCS is the one!  Thanks Sarah!  Tami, R.D.H.

Dr. Christine Kopsky-Samuel

Dr. Bruce White

Phoenix, Arizona

Sarah has been working with our hygiene program for the past 3 months the results have been beyond our expectations! She has taken our hygiene department to a level very few offices experience. Not only has our hygiene production more then doubled, but more importantly our patients have a better understand of their oral health and are now willing to accept treatment to stay healthy.

Being a practicing hygienist, Sarah understands the hygienist’s needs and how to create enthusiasm for change. She has always been available for feedback and monitoring results.

Dr. Bruce White

Dr. Todd Mabry

Dr. Brian Williams