BCS Leadership Hygiene Success Strategy program will make the analogy of ‘Loss Leader’ a conversation of the past. The success of the Hygiene department is an orchestrated event of success that the entire team takes part in. It is not uncommon for offices that have successfully completed this program to have a hygiene department that produces over 35% of the overall production of the office! Offices that participate with the BCS Leadership Hygiene Success programs find that the hygiene teams develop into business minded health care providers with a passion; passion for the health of the patient and the business. As a result of the implementation these tools, systems and the hygienists renewed passion for patient oral health your practice will see phenomenal growth in production, patients saying “yes” to treatment and dentistry becoming less stressful and more rewarding! Imagine your hygiene department becoming your largest referral source!

Our programs for Hygiene Success Strategy are customized to the need of the practice. We offer simple one day Success in Motion™ programs that are designed for practices are already produce at high levels and may only need help with the “details” of their success and tips on how to enhance and maintain it. Our other Success Programs range from 3 to 12 months, depending on the individual needs of the department. These programs are for practices that are challenged with no shows and cancellations, with hygienists asking for raises, and yet at the same time with production that is not increasing. Every program has systems and strategies that will show your teams how to have the hygiene department be an integral part of the profit center of the business, develop exceptionally healthy patients, and inspired passionate hygienists that are an integral part of the dental team.

Expected Outcomes Include: