The Power of the Word

The Power of the WordIn today’s society of automated this and efficiency that, have we lost the most powerful tool that we have-WORDS!  Every day I am reminded regularly how we have become an over automated society that is losing its ability to communicate, I mean really communicate!  Being a mother of two young boys I am so vividly reminded that we are surrounded by a disappearing art, the one of eloquent language-both written and spoken.

Sad will be the day when sitting down to write a letter (really writing the letter, in cursive) is completely obsolete, it is coming.  With that said, we have a unique opportunity in front of us, rather a challenge I might say!  Get in communication with your patients!  Furthermore, get in communication with your friends and family, sit down and take a few moments to write a quick note of gratitude or friendship!  You will be amazed at the impact that it will have on your practice and your life!

After reading the book “365 Thank you’s- The year a simple act of daily gratitude changed my life, by John Kralik” which was introduced to be by a patient when I still clinically practicing, I took it as a personal challenge to take the journey to being in communication with people through the written word.  Taking it a step further, I have taken the challenge to get my boys into the habit of personally writing notes to friends and family members on a regular basis (which may I say is no easy feat…  When I first brought up the concept of thank you cards after receiving a gift, you would have thought I was an alien or something)

In this time of computer generated cards that we can easily send in the blink of an eye, take the time to sit with a pen and paper, commit to one card per day-get every team member to commit to one card per day and see what the payoff is.  Consider that the payoff will be exponential!  Sarah Cottingham, RDH  CEO BCS Leadership