Salivary Diagnostics-the future is here!

Do you treat patients for periodontal disease?  Do you have patients who still have bleeding gums after periodontal therapy?  Do you know if your patient has HPV and is more susceptible to oral cancer? What is in your tool kit?

One of the most exciting tools for helping patients achieve overall health is the use of salivary diagnostics.  Currently Oral DNA Labs offers three non-invasive salivary diagnostic tests, which are easily and quickly done chair side.

  • MyPerioPath -determines the cause of periodontal infections
  • MyPerioID PST-determines increased risk for periodontal infections
  • OraRiskHPV-determines who is at increased risk for HPV-related oral cancers

These tests are performed by swishing a small amount of sterile saline solution for about  30 seconds. The sample is then sent to OralDNA Labs ( for processing.

The detailed lab report returned allows us to develop a powerful and effective treatment plan for each individual patient.  For example, the bacterial report (MyPerioPath) identifies the specific bacteria associated with the patient’s gum disease, the amount of bacteria present, and the antibiotic therapy recommended to target their specific bacteria.  Through this state of the art technology, we are now able to treat the cause of the infection and not just the symptoms.

MyPerioID PST  is a genetic susceptibility test that lets us know if the patients genetic makeup puts them at greater risk for developing periodontal disease.  This helps us optimize our patients’ recare program to prevent those high-risk patients from developing periodontal infection.

Finally, the OraRiskHPV test identifies the types of oral HPV present.  This enables us to identify increased risk for oral cancer and determine appropriate referral and monitoring conditions for each patient.

These types of adjuncts are the future of dentistry, linking the pieces together about the entire body, treating the source and not the symptom!  We are not placing the mouth and head back on top of the body where it should be!  Dentistry is coming into the time where we will need to really know how the health of the mouth links to all of the other body systems.  Are you ready?

Incorporating this type of adjunct into your practice will give your team even more supportive information to educate both the patient and the insurance company about what is going on with this individual patient.  These diagnostic tests will be the ‘leg up’ that you need in order to begin the process of cross coding into medical in order to get dental services covered for the patient.

We are lucky to live in such an exciting time in dentistry!  Take advantage of this cutting-edge technology and add it to your tool kit today.  Meegan Hubbard, RDH  Hygiene Success Coach