Outstandingly Predictable-Lesson 1

Outstandingly Predictable-Lesson 1We have all heard of the WOW experience and many offices attempt to deliver that service.  Have you ever considered that this approach could really fall short,  if as a team we do not create a measure of the predictability for the WOW experience?  That is where we at BCS Leadership help offices take it to the next level, the Outstandingly Predictable WOW!

What is the difference between WOW and the OPW (Outstandingly Predictable WOW), it is in the things that the author Dr. Paddi Lund writes of in his book ‘The Critical Non-Essentials’.  It starts with the appearance of the office, from the cleanliness of the windows and windowsills to the dust bunnies in the corners!  Take the time to walk into your office and take the tour from the parking lot all the way into and throughout the office.   Making sure to take a trip into the patient restroom and evaluate what they see and how they experience each area of your office.  Lay back in the operatory chair, what do you see on the ceiling?  Do you have those posters on the ceiling from 1980’s that have never been replaced that now cannot be moved because the ceiling tile underneath them is a different color…  What do your counters look like, a clean tidy space or a shipping lane?  Take a look at the dental unit hoses, are they clear of any scuffs, dirt and grime or are they smudged and dirty.

These are the things that your patients make unconscious judgements about you and your practice from just these very things!  If the front desk is in disarray, patients begin to think “they must not know what they are doing”, is a common thread I hear from patients when interviewing them about the tidiness and cleanliness of a practice.

Take a moment to administer the white glove test in your practice, be the patient  and see what you see-from there make the necessary changes in order to present the first step of being Outstandingly Predictable-the appearance!  Tune in for more lessons on being Outstandingly Predictable!