Gracious Gratitude-The Power of the Word

The Power of the WordDo you appreciate your fellow staff and your family?  How do you show your co-workers  and others that you appreciate them?  This is something I was contemplating a few weeks ago.

Fortune is one my side, in that I not only have the pleasure of clinically practicing part-time as a dental hygienist and as a Hygiene Success coach with BCS Leadership.  This gives me the unique opportunity to observe other dental teams in their work environment, which usually leads me to compare those offices to the current office where I practice and sometimes provide me with a completely new perspective, I love it!  Most often I am reminded to appreciate my fellow co-workers and the wonderful patient care we are providing in our practice.  Sometimes it also enlightens me about areas we need to improve upon. Recently, after a long day of hygiene coaching I realized how thankful I am to work with the people I do.  This experience prompted a mindful chat with my sometimes oblivious self, “Do I appreciate those people in my life that matter the most?  Is it enough?”  I could think of many times where I meant to thank or compliment a fellow staff member or family member, and we were interrupted, or the day flew by and they had already left the office or the laundry needed to be folded.

This is where the idea for the Gratitude Jar came about.  No more taking people for granted!  I wanted everyone to know how important they were in making my day run smoothly, for that matter-make the month better, the year better-my life better!  I placed a “Gratitude Jar” in our staff room with slips of paper and a pen.  The directions are easy.  Every time someone wants to thank a fellow staff member or compliment them on a job well done, it is to be written on a slip of paper and placed in the jar.  Each day we try to read a few slips of paper during our morning focus meeting. This simple project has an astounding impact on office morale and a team’s ability to be related to one another.  Even when we are strapped for time and life shows up, we can take a minute and contribute to those people that contribute to us on a daily basis, it pays off.

How do you show an attitude of gratitude?  Are you up for the challenge!  See how this little step can make a huge difference not only in your life, also in those around you!  Author-Meegan Hubbard, RDH  Hygiene Success Coach