About Us

“Outstanding Leadership does not happen by mistake-
It comes from Outstandingly Predictable Coaching with BCS Leadership!”

~Sarah Cottingham, CEO BCS Leadership.

Clients seek out coaching companies because they know they need help with their business. Many companies can help you get short term results; we at BCS Leadership pride ourselves on the long term success we help our clients achieve. The first step is to understand the differences between typical consulting companies and BCS Leadership.

Let’s look at the differences!

BCS Leadership uses a customized approach to business coaching and management based on the individual needs of our clients, skill sets that they have already acquired and their own level of personal growth and development. The industry of consulting sometimes applies the same set of systems and policies to each client, which produces only mediocre results.

Our individual & customized approach to business coaching and management allows our clients to create the business model of their dreams and maintain long term success. This approach allows our clients to get sustainable ‘Outstandingly Predictable’ results!

BCS Leadership has years of training above and beyond the basic consulting techniques of our competitors. Having built our organization and philosophy around the passion to help business owners and teams to achieve levels of greatness, assist in their ability to master providing the highest level of service to their clients, while experiencing levels of success that once were only a ‘goal’ on paper. The experience is entirely focused on getting the results the clients want! BCS will facilitate setting targets, reaching breakthrough goals and implementing change that matters. This all comes as a result of outlining what the success looks like at the beginning of the working relationship with our clients.

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